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PostSubject: week7Report   week7Report Icon_minitimeSun Oct 18, 2009 2:39 am

week 7 Report

Sunday 11/10/2009

• Today the marketing campaign began so we went before half an hour of AMTC time to arrange and decorate the stand I gave bookmarks and brochures and some decoration materials for the students who were in control to present in front of the stand today
• While I was preparing the boxes for invitation card the CEO told me that there is a call from a graduate student who wants training in Microsoft offices programs because she intended to take an ICDL certificate . I handled the call and answer her questions and provided information then I took her email address in order to send to her an email about the opining hours.
• Then I went to the stand to check how is it and I provided them posters and helped them to decorate the stand and organize things on the table with the G.M.
• Me and the G.M went to distribute the invitation cards we submitted the boxes to Amal Al Qassimi who in charge to arrange the attendance of media. Also we gave it to Akram and Mr. Mo who was the supervisor of IT department last year.
• Unfortunately we could not give it to the Dr. Farid Ohan because he was in men’s campus but we informed his assistant to let us meet him tomorrow, so she reserved an appointment with him at 10:30.
• CEO notified that tomorrow will be the newspaper interview and she confirmed with the G.M the students who will do the interview and I was one of them.

Monday 12/10/2009

• At 10:30 I went with the G.M to Dr. Farid to invite him, when we told him about the opening day he told us that he has a meeting and he is unable to come.
• we were disappoint so we tried with Amal Al Qassimi to change the opening day and when we went again to him he refused to change it and he said “stay with your plan because you are important not me and you should be proud of yourselves and I don’t want your plan to be ruined because of me” then he promised to visit us when he is free.
• Also, he focused that we should be well organized for the attendance of Sharjah T.V

• We gave invitation card to Mr. Jed Rayan the vice president and he will open AMTC instead of Dr. Farid if the Director is away
• We did a phone meeting with Al Khaleej newspaper and I talked about my responsibilities
• and my opinion of AMTC and the interviewer asked me where did you got the experience or what qualified you to get this position which is customer service officer
• I replied that we did some workshop in the first year of how to communicate with people and interact with them. Furthermore, I told her we studied a course which related to this position which is customer service management.
• Me and my colleague Mooza went to the stand at 1 to 2 to represent AMTC and there was interests from the students especially foundation students who really want to take some training courses.
• At the beginning of last hour of AMTC time I attended an Excel session which was done by Aisha and Maryam Salem.

Tuesday 13/10/2009

• I continued to distribute invitation cards with Muna and we gave them to Hajar and Nawal who were trainers of the first batch in AMTC and now they are foundation teachers in HCT.

Wednesday 14/10/2009

• Today we were busy because of the final preparation for the opening day .
• We organized the center and finished uncompleted work.
• We did an interview with Al Bayan newspaper and it was nearly as same interview as we did with Al Khaleej newspaper I talked about my position and the benefits of AMTC in my future career.

Thursday 15/10/2009

• today was an important day because it was the opining day we were so stressed as the time was running and became near to 11 clock.
• Miss Amal was giving instructions for us of what to say and what to do for the guests.
• She delegated to me to take the responsibility of welcoming the guests and invite them to come in as I am a customer services representative .
• We were ready and my colleagues took their place, when Ms Jed came and cute the ribbon I welcomed him and ask him to come in then Maha introduced herself and told them what she will show them, they watched the movie maker which was done by our classmates.
• Then the G.M showed and recognized them the place and told them about the manuals which were developed by AMTC employees and showed the department’s mission and goals .
• After that, IT, HR and marketing managers introduced themselves and their towards AMTC and their employess who are under them.
• Then Mariam Omran the administrative manager talked about meeting s and her responsibility .
• I shared with them their discussion as miss Amal Asked form me by saying our company is nonprofit company we focus on improving skills and provide excellent services.
• Then I asked Jed to write his impression about AMTC then Zaleka handed him a trophy in recognition of his support and attending the opening.
• Then Mr. Jed said few words focusing on the importance of this center in applying our experiences and enhance our abilities which will benefit us in our career.
• Ms Aart brought for us a cake to show and share his happiness with us because of this accomplishment.
• Mohamed cute the cake who was one of the guests and he is the Director of Sharjah theater, also he was a student in Sharjah men’s college.
• He shared with us his experience and provided us some advices to encourage us complete this achievement.
• Then we thanked the guest for sharing with us this moment
• Then some girls did an interview with Sharjah TV
• We enjoyed this day it was very full of events, but we were happy because lastly we opened our center the AMTC.
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