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 Sharaaf - Week 7 Report

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Sharaaf Al Mahri

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Sharaaf Al Mahri
IT Manager

Week 7 Report

11 October Sunday
• I finished the manual for the Outlook Web Access and submit it to our teacher
• I checked students who worked on the stand in the corridor
• Helped on the broachers
• Checked the AMTC email

12 October Monday
• I worked on the stand and talked with students about AMTC with given the broachers, sweets and bookmark
• I participated on the design of the door and the board outside the AMTC
• Checked the AMTC email
• I made an interview with AL Kaleej newspaper, but it was on the phone, also other department’s managers do the same. Also Al Byan newspaper wants to come but they didn’t come for some reasons.

14 October Wednesday
• Talked with some clients from different department such as engineering and health students and I concerted with them about the suitable time to train them
• We prepped AMTC for the opining
• I checked the machines that does not working and I contacted with the IT support which is Asma to call the help desk
• I checked the AMTC email and reply for the senders
• I trained some members on the photo copy machine
• Al Byan newspaper made an interview with some members on the phone.

15 October Thursday
It was the opining day for Al Mahara Training Center and it was very busy day. Before 11 o’clock we all printed our manuals with colors and the GM went outside the college to buy a fresh juice for the guests. After that Mr. Jed cut the ribbon and also there were some visitors such as were Mr. Mohamed Bin Jarsh, Mr.Aart, Mr. Moe MR. Samar and others. We played a moviemaker about the center and it was about 3 minutes. Then the GM introduced herself and the managers for the center, each manager talked about her department and her responsibilities. The visitors drinking juice and ate the Cake that Mr.Aart provided to us On the occasion of the opening of AMTC. Sharjah TV was there to record the event. After that the TV interviewed some of the center members and also Mrs. Amal. I was one of the members who did the interview, but I didn’t like myself on the TV (haa haa) so that I asked Mr. Nabeel to delete it.
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Sharaaf - Week 7 Report
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