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 Mariam Omran Week 7

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Asma Hassan

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Mariam Omran Week 7 Empty
PostSubject: Mariam Omran Week 7   Mariam Omran Week 7 Icon_minitimeThu Oct 15, 2009 5:17 pm

Weekly Report:
Week 7:
In this week we are too much busy because we have many event and the most important event for the AMTC which is the opining day which it was in Thursday 15/10/2009.
Also, we have a stand in Corridor which that dived in to whole class every hour must two student attend there. My shift was bee in Sunday 11/10/2009at 11am until 12am but I was be there at 10:30 to prepare and put the stuff in the a stand and table. In my shift we speak with many student from different level such as Foundation and Business. Also, we discuss with the faculty our service and what the AMTC content. In Monday me and my partner Zelekha we visit many schools such as Al Zahrah and Ashbelyah school to inform them about our service and in which application we will train we mange with them by give them our email and phone number to contact us. In Wednesday we work hard to finish the layout of the AMTC and I have shift in the stand. In Thursday we prepare everything manual filed for the opining our was it in the same day and to be ready for the position we the event start.

Mariam Omran
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Mariam Omran Week 7
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